15th Annual 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon 

That's a wrap; for this year anyway.

The 15th annual 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon set out to raise $125,000 while broadcasting live for 36-hours from the Town 'N' Country Mall, and surpassed the goal raising a total of $269,950. The money raised will be used to purchase much-needed dialysis equipment for the Dr. FH Wigmore Hospital, including transonic monitors, BRODA chairs, a pyxis med station, and ceiling lifts.

Donations in the final hours of the radiothon helped push the total well past the goal, including an incredible donation of $170,000 from the estate of Selmer A. Moen, "Thank you Selmer," said Kelly McElree, Executive Director of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation, "Your gift will save many lives and help so many people in our community. Soon, Selmer's gift will be forever on the main donor wall at the Wigmore Hospital. Thank you so much."

Canadian Pacific, who have been major donors since the start of the radiothon in 2016, also donated $20,000 in the final hour.

"Through our community investment program, CP Has Heart, we are proud to fund the enhanced trainig of six ICU nurses. This donation will complement the new cardiac and monitoring equipment in the ICU from last year's Family First Radiothon."

A few notable donations earlier in the radiothon include a $10,000 donation from the Gerard and Richard Cayer foundation, an $8,600 donation from Cecil Smith, and $8,000 from Moose Jaw ACT/UCT who promised to match the first $8,000 raised."This isn't just helping people get better, this is a lifeline. The dialysis treatment for someone like me keeps me alive, without it, I couldn't live because my kidneys aren't functioning," says dialysis patient, Carl Siemans.

Registered Nurse Maureen Arseneau says the medical equipment purchased will be put to great use. "We typically see nine people in the morning and nine in the afternoon for dialysis treatment. People are there from anywhere from three to four-hour appointments and some of them have to come two or four times a week, depending on what their needs are."

Della Bartzen, an LPN in the dialysis unit, echoed that sentiment. "Anytime we can raise money and have some things in our facility and unit that are very patient-specific, for example, the ceiling lifts, it's a huge help. We do have clients that come into our department that do need assistance getting from their wheelchair into their treatment chair." 

Since the radiothon began in 2006, it has raised over $4.3 million for the local health foundation. This total could not be reached without the generosity of the community and the surrounding area. Those involved in the radiothon would like to extend their thanks to those who donated, answered phones and supported the fundraiser.

If you would like to make a donation, please follow the link to the donations page.


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