13th Annual 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon

Imagine living in constant pain.  This year for people who suffer from kidney stones and bladder stones, the Foundation wants to help them at the 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon.

The focus of this year’s surgical campaign is the purchase of a lithotripsy unit to treat kidney stones and bladder stones. The surgical device pulverizes the stones and suctions away the fragments, so patients do not experience the pain of passing them.  The campaign also includes the purchase of a new anesthetic machine to provide surgical patients with the latest and safest technology.

By donating to the Moose Jaw Health Foundation’s 13th Annual 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon on May 2nd and 3rd you can help eliminate the pain of those that suffer from kidney and gallstones. The Foundation is hoping to raise $150,000 to purchase new surgical equipment for the Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital. Thunder Creek Pork will generously match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000.

Last year, there were over 425 urology procedures at the Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital. That number would have been higher, but our hospital does not have currently have a lithotripsy unit.  The old surgical device stopped working several years ago, and patients must travel to Regina for this procedure.

"Bladder stones are one of the oldest conditions treated surgically, and we should be able to treat them in Moose Jaw. It’s a simple and safe technology that can be done as a day case, resulting in less pain, less complications and less time in the hospital. I encourage you to support the campaign to buy a new lithotripsy unit because you don’t know when you or your loved ones will need it."

Dr. Gerrit Van Wyk, Urologist

In addition to the lithotripsy machine, the hospital needs a new anesthetic machine.  An anesthetic machine plays a role in every surgical procedure.  Last year, there were more than 3,300 surgical procedures performed in Moose Jaw.  Without working anesthetic machines surgeries would be delayed or canceled.

Please support the Radiothon. Every donation will make a difference in our community – regardless of the size. Thunder Creek Pork will generously match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000.  

You’ve been there for us in the past, and we need you to continue to support health care in the Moose Jaw area. Thank you for caring about our community!


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