Gifts at Work – Women’s Health Unit

This year the caring medical professionals in the Women’s Health Unit of the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital will help deliver more than 500 babies.  While a growing community is good news, the increasing amount of use takes a toll on our equipment. That’s why Moose Jaw Health Foundation donor support has provided the best state-of-the-art prenatal and maternal medical equipment.

Donors have provided new isolettes for babies that require special care and for premature babies over 35 weeks; new fetal heart monitors to detect the slightest changes for both mom and baby during birth; birthing beds for the mom’s comfort and infant warmers to provide soothing heat for the baby; Panda beds are the most baby friendly, micro environments available today.  They utilize a state-of-the-art design to create an unsurpassed warm, healing environment that is especially important for babies who need extra special care or emergency intervention - when every second counts.  This new equipment has helped the caring medical staff to significantly enhance the level of care we provided for moms and babies.

The birth of a new child is one of the most wonderful experiences in life, but sometimes complications can occur, but with the help of Moose Jaw Health Foundation donors, we are equipping the hospital of today and the hospital of tomorrow. But even more importantly, donor gifts will enhance the safety of both mom and baby.

Each year Foundation donors save and enhance lives through their gifts.  Every donation makes a difference.  For more information on how you can create another success story at our regional hospital, please contact Kelly McElree, Executive Director of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation at 694-0255 or

If you would like to contribute to the Women's Health Unit to help the youngest patients of the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital, please click here.


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