Our Donors - Vi Reaman

Hello, my name is Vi Reaman, and I’m an ER nurse at Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital. I’m proud to support the Moose Jaw Health Foundation. The Foundation asked me to share my story, because I can tell you about the importance of good health care from both sides of the bed – as a nurse and as a cardiac patient.

When I was 60, I experienced pain in my upper chest. For women, this is a typical symptom of gallbladder trouble. But two days later, I woke up with horrible pain in both arms. We called 911 and the paramedics came and hooked me up to an ECG, which told them right away it wasn’t my gallbladder – it was my heart.

I arrived at Moose Jaw Union Hospital ER at 5:20 a.m. They gave me the clot buster drug, but another ECG didn’t show any change. When they couldn’t find the blockage, I was transferred toRegina. There, I was immediately sent to the catheterization lab. They had trouble finding the blockage too, but another ECG showed that the clot buster drug I’d received in Moose Jaw Union was working.

I wasn’t out of the woods, though. In fact, I had a heart attack in the catheterization lab. Again, it was the ECG that alerted the medical team. I got the care I needed and the cardiologist was able to put in stents. By 9:20 that morning, I was sitting up in a Coronary Care room having a ginger ale.

Those four hours were life and death for me. My own experience confirmed what I’ve always known: up-to-date equipment is essential in modern medicine. Please support the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.  Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

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