Laparoscopic Surgical Campaign

Laparoscopic surgery is the most modern surgical technique performed where surgical procedures are performed through small incisions utilizing high definition crystal clear micro cameras and micro surgical instruments as compared to larger more invasive incisions with traditional surgical instruments. For the patient there is a significant reduction in the length of recovery time and less pain from smaller incisions and haemorrhaging. Incisions can be as small as 0.5 cm.

Due to the support of Moose Jaw Health Foundation donors surgeons and medical teams now have the ability with high definition laparoscopic surgical cameras and instruments to locate and extra the smallest of cancers with heightened efficiency.  This state-of-the-art equipment will also be utilized in many other types of surgical procedures at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital.  Once the new hospital is complete, this equipment will be transferred to help future patients.

The goal of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation's laparoscopic campaign was to equip each of the three operating theatres at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital with a state-of-the-art laparoscopic video tower and specialized surgical instruments. Moose Jaw Health Foundation donors made this happen – thank you for your support.

The new specialized surgical instruments allow the highly trained surgical teams to substantially increase the number of surgeries performed and greatly reduce the chance of infection and complications. In addition hospital stays for patients are shorter due to the less invasive nature of the surgery.

Laparoscopy is easier on the patient because it uses a few very small incisions. For example, traditional "open surgery" on the abdomen usually requires a four- to five-inch incision through layers of skin and muscle. In laparoscopic surgery, the doctor usually makes two to three incisions that are about a half-inch long.

Every donation, no matter what the size, makes a difference and is appreciated.  There is always need for more life saving equipment for patients.  If you still would like to contribute to help in the purchase of new surgical equipment, please click here.  For more information on how you, your organization or company can create another success story at our local hospital, please contact Kelly McElree, Executive Director of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation at 694-0255 or

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