Enhanced Labour and Delivery Ability

To ensure expectant moms who will be visiting the Women’s Health Unit at the  Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital will have nothing to worry about other than delivering their new baby, the new hospital offers nothing but private “single-room” labour and delivery care. With these LDRP rooms (which means,labour, delivery, recovery and post-partum), moms will be labouring, delivering, recovering and receiving their post-partum care in one room.

The new regional hospital features four (4) Labour/Delivery/Recovery/Post-partum (LDRP) rooms. This is an increase in dedicated delivery rooms. Unlike a traditional hospital where a mother delivers in one room and then moves to another room for recovery, the new hospital rooms will allow a mother to stay in the same space from the time she checks into the hospital until she and her baby are discharged home.

A gift to the Moose Jaw Health Foundation will help every mom and baby in Moose Jaw and surrounding communities have a wonderful experience. By supporting the Foundation babies who require special care will have access to the best medical equipment close to home.

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