Universal Care Unit

Life can changein a heartbeat, and when it does the caring medical professionals at the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital’s Universal Care Unit will be there to help you and your family, but now they need your help to assist patients.

Every day at our new regional hospital an estimated 1,200 people will pass through the front doors from Moose Jaw and surrounding communities.  Patients who are critically ill or in need of immediate medical services will need Saskatchewan’s only Universal Care Unit. The Universal Care Unit is specifically designed to help a person who requires immediate or short term medical assistance gets that treatment faster.

Did You Know?

  • This is the only Universal Care Unitin Saskatchewan.  This is a unique medical service for the patients of Moose Jaw and surrounding communities at our new regional hospital.
  • The Universal Care Unit will have 43 flexible and adaptable private rooms for patients requiring emergency and short-tem medical assistance.
  • The Universal Care Unit centralizes all essential medical services for the patient in one place to help a patient in crisis when every second counts.
  • Universal Care Unit houses: the emergency department, ambulatory care, day surgery,  observation and recovery.
  • Every year in the new regional hospital there will be approximately 30,000 visits to the ER, 25,000 X-Rays, 6000 Ultrasounds, 5000 CT scans, 5000 respiratory procedures, 4000 surgical procedures, and 3000 mammograms, etc…

For patients coming to Saskatchewan’s only Universal Care Unit, life can change in a heartbeat and the highly skilled medical professionals at our new regional hospital need your help to save lives of people in Moose Jaw and surrounding communities. 

Each and every dollar donated stays in Moose Jaw to help patients from Moose Jaw and surrounding communities get the best possible care with the latest medical technology such as:

Transport stretcher offers streamlined design for quick and effective patient transport. The next generation transportation stretcher is easy to steer and stop while allowing for crisp cornering and control. The stretcher is designed to help medical professionals provide treatment to patients faster when every second counts in the Universal Care Unit. 

Trauma room is a specialized room within the new universal care area that is equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. The trauma room will need a specialized equipment boom that organizes essential medical equipment, reaches anywhere and moves effortlessly. It gets equipment and cables off the floor and better provides better access to critically injured patients when every second counts.

 Diagnostic Sets help highly trained doctors and nurses in the Universal Care Area provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition.  Every private treatment room in the Universal Care Area will be equipped with these essential medical tools.  Everything needed for fast, accurate diagnoses is at arm’s length. By combining a wall aneroid (blood pressure), ophthalmoscope (eye), otoscope (ears), specula dispenser (disposable ear attachments holder), and thermometer, this puts all the basic diagnostic tools within easy reach.

Flow Stationsare flexible and adaptable nursing stations positioned throughout the Universal Care Area.  Each flow station can be configured with
technology to meet the medical requirements of the patients within the 42 private treatment rooms.  The flow stations are hubs of activity that allow medical professional teams to monitor, access, adjust and stay on top of a patient’s condition by providing quick and immediate access to patients. 

Critical Care Monitors provide medical teams with instant access to even a tiny change to a patient’s condition. The Foundation needs your support to bring the best critical care monitors to our hospital.  These monitors are centrally monitored in the Universal Care Area and are designed to continuously track and record the electrical activity of their heart and vital signs 24 hours of the day anywhere in the hospital. Any change is immediately visible to nurses and doctors, and at the first sign of a potentially dangerous change in condition, the monitor sounds an alarm. Our hospital requires five new critical care monitors. 

Please donate to the Foundation to help medical professionals deliver the best care in Saskatchewan’s only Universal Care Area in our new state-of-the-art hospital.  With the latest equipment available, your donation also helps attract that best medical professionals in Canada to our community’s new hospital.

Please give to the Foundation…today.   Every donation saves a life. Every donation makes a difference at Saskatchewan’s only Universal Care Area.  Please click here to donate today!


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