Surgical Boom Campaign 2013

The new anaesthetic and equipment booms will be an integral part of the new state-of-the-art surgical facilities within Moose Jaw’s new regional hospital.  Each of the new four surgical suites, endoscopy suite and new C-section suite located within the new Women’s Health Unit will all be equipped with this new equipment that will help every surgical patient in the new hospital.

The goal of the Foundation is to raise over $200,000 to equip our new operating theatres with this amazing medical technology. Last year over 4000 surgical procedures were performed at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

Surgical technology is ever-evolving, but evolving technology tends to take up space. As a result, the new equipment that brings advances to cutting-edge surgical procedures may also threaten to clutter and cramp the new operating rooms.  The newly designed surgical spaces will be equipped with ceiling-mounted booms holding high-tech equipment and flat-panel video monitors that will hang from their articulating arms, hovering inches within reach of the highly trained surgeons. In addition to the improved image, data and equipment efficiencies provided by the marriage of precise control and flexibility of the surgical boom system; new surgical booms will improve operational efficiencies, infection control and staff safety.

Because many surgical procedures utilize minimally invasive medical equipment these booms carry a significant amount to support surgical, endoscopic, laparoscopic, anaesthetic gases, vacuum for suction, power, cameras, monitors and light sources; the new surgical boom systems will reduce clutter and improve efficiency.

Benefits of the new anaesthetic and equipment surgical booms include:

  • Every surgical procedure is different for every patient and with the addition of state-of-the-art surgical booms, each surgery can custom configured for each procedure to benefit the surgical team and the patient.
  • Surgical booms provide clutter-free floors and ample open space surrounding a surgical table situated underneath several articulating arms holding the latest high-tech equipment at their tips to help save and enhance lives.
  • With improved efficiencies from the installation of new surgical booms; the new surgical facilities will have the capability of increasing the number of surgeries performed in the new regional hospital.
  • Surgical booms are flexible, light and unobtrusive making them easy to move for any and every procedure.

Anaesthetic and surgical booms provide ultimate flexibility and efficiency in the new expanded surgical facilities for highly trained medical teams with brilliant illumination, high definition video images, and cutting edge surgical equipment at the finger tips of surgeons to save and enhance the lives of patients in our community.

Every donation, no matter what the size, makes a difference and is appreciated.  If you would like to help equip our new hospital, please click here.  For more information on how you, your organization or company can help, please contact Kelly McElree, Executive Director of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation at 694-0255 or

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