Healthcare Rocks 2 featuring Simply Queen

Raised $41,000

The event featured Simply Queen from Ontario, who made their first trip to Moose Jaw.  “They fell in love with the city. They rocked the house; it was an amazing show,” says Kelly McElree, executive director of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation. “The high-energy show presented by Cypress Paving at the Mae Wilson Theatre was fantastic. It exceeded my expectations. The energy and fun the crowd had was something to witness."

He adds that Simpy Queen was blown away at the reception they got on Saturday from the fans who came to enjoy the show. “The fists were in the air and they were rocking out. The band would run through the crowd. hey were so excited to perform in Moose Jaw and the reception they got back, they were blown away.” 

McElree could say without a doubt that there will Healthcare Rocks 3 in the future.  To put the cherry on top of the evening Leroy and Leroy made a special appearance, as Leroy in front of the camera was the evening’s MC.   

The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Dr. F.H. Regional Hospital, but it was also to showcase the healthcare workers within the facility.  The funds raised have been earmarked to bring new cardiac equipment. that will allow healthcare workers to hit the right note with their patients. “Cardac equipment for our ER including a new LUCAS automated CPR machine, ECG, Holter Monitor, and ER stretchers and medication carts,” explains McElree. "Every single dollar that we raised from Healthcare Rocks 2 is going to help out cardiac patients at our hospital.” 

Many thanks to Cypress Paving for being presenting sponsor and Grant Hall for their hospitality sponsorship.  Funds from Healthcare Rocks were presented at the 800 CHAB Family First Radiothon.  Stay tuned for an announcement on Healthcare Rocks 3 in 2025!

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