Expanded Surgical Facilities

The new Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital features four state-of-the-art operating room (OR). All operating rooms are located on the main floor; they are more spacious and have surgical prep-rooms attached. As one surgery is taking place, healthcare professionals will be preparing for the next surgery in the adjacent prep-room.

The surgical prep–rooms  improve the turnaround times between surgeries; therefore, more surgeries will be performed at the new regional hospital. These rooms will improve surgical turnaround times and make for less downtime between surgeries. For patients, that means less time waiting for surgeries and improved recovery times.

The Moose Jaw Health Foundation's capital equipment campaign equipped each one of the operating theartres with the best surgical equipment in Canada.  The Foundation needs your support to continue to provide dedicated healthcare professionals with the latest advanced medical equipment to help save lives for patients from all corners of the Five Hills Health Region.

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