The Moose Jaw Health Foundation would like to thank everyone that purchased a ticket on the first Cancer Care Raffle.  You have helped save the life of a cancer patient at the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital.  All funds raised in Moose Jaw will stay in our community.  Thank you once again.


 Cash Calendar Winners


 September 1st                     $1,000                  B-025020                            Irene Stark


September 2nd                   $1,000                  B-027031                            Grant & Joyce Williams


September 3rd                    $1,000                  A-000956                            Carol Moulding


September 4th                    $500                     B-007478                            Shirley Lemieux


September 5th                    $500                     B-007623                            Claudie & Marilee Dionne


September 6th                    $500                     B-007564                            Bonnie Smith


September 7th                    $500                     B-007102                            Shirley Ewen


September 8th                    $1,000                  B-032013                            Peggy Olafson


September 9th                    $1,000                  A-040034                            Marg Taman


September 10th                  $1,000                  A-007139                            Cliff Aikens


September 11th                  $500                     B-000893                            William Guidos


September 12th                  $500                     B-000255                            Jim & Deb Fincaryk


September 13th                  $500                     B-026027                            Brenda Bumphrey


September 14th                  $500                     B-000025                            Albert Hender


September 15th                  $1,000                  B-000887                            William Guidos


September 16th                 $1,000                  B-004003                            Darlene Ross


September 17th                  $1,000                  B-000329                            Charlotte Christmann


September 18th                  $500                     B-007509                            Allan Griffith


September 19th                  $500                     A-040028                            Jean Dreger


September 20th                 $500                     B-007481                            Edward Cairns


September 21st                  $500                     B-000346                            Brad Harnett


September 22nd                 $1,000                  B-007190                            Janet Mackon


September 23rd                  $1,000                  B-000168                            Wayne & Dorothy Johnstone


September 24th                  $1,000                  B-051023                            George S. Miller


September 25th                  $500                     B-006002                            Hazel Major


September 26th                  $500                     B-004051                            Robert Church


September 27th                  $500                     B-007631                            Richard & Eileen Sword


September 28th                  $500                     B-000638                            Shirley Kettlewell


September 29th                  $1,000                  B-052036                            Sherry Green


 Cash Calendar Grand Prize Winner!

September 30th                  $5,000                  B-007438                            Joyce Schneider

 Cancer Care Raffle 50/50 Winner!

$11,815                               E-007525             Myrna Blanchard

Thank you once again for helping save the life of a cancer patient.


Copyright 2012 Moose Jaw Health Foundation